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Last Updated: Mar 31, 2014 11:27AM EDT
In the settings menu you are able to change your video quality settings if you're experiencing viewing issues, customize your guide if you would like to add or remove a channel, reload the Aereo channel by using the Refresh Data option, or unlink your Roku account from your Aereo account.

Settings Menu

Changing Video Quality 
You can change from low, medium, high or auto video quality as desired. 

Customizing Guide (Adding or Hiding Channels)
This section allows you to select the channels you would like to show or hide. 

Refresh Data 
This refreshes the data on your account. For example if you add a channel and it does not show up, refreshing data will update the system and should make the channel visible. 

Unlink Accounts 
Choose this option to unlink your Roku from your Aereo account

Buffering Reduction
To control the frequency of video buffering, choose the option that works best for you:

Less buffering (stream will take longer to start)
Default Setting 
Faster stream start (may mean more buffering)

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