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How does Aereo work?

Last Updated: Jun 03, 2014 02:32PM EDT
Aereo offers technology to give consumers access to their antenna and DVR via a web browser and supported internet-enabled device. Once you’ve connected to your antenna, you can use the Aereo platform to access all major broadcast networks live in HD and use your remote DVR to set recordings and watch your favorite shows when you want.

When you become an Aereo member and log in, you are assigned a miniaturized, private, remote antenna and DVR. Your antenna is connected to a remote DVR in a data center near. You control both from an Internet-connected device, such as your computer or smart phone. When you tune to a channel through the Aereo application on your device, you instruct your antenna to tune to that channel and start recording the programming to the DVR. This lets you pause and rewind the program while you're watching. To save this recording for future use, you simply hit "Record" at any time while watching. You can also schedule your DVR to record shows that are on in the future, just like you can with a DVR in your home.