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Aereo on Roku - Setup

Last Updated: Mar 31, 2014 11:22AM EDT

Please note: Aereo is a private channel and is not listed in the Roku channel store. Aereo is also only available for use within select areas.

Setting up Roku

If you have not yet set up Roku, get started here.

Watching Aereo on your TV with Roku
  • Log in to

  • Authorize your device, if it is not already authorized.

  • Open your Aereo settings (the gear icon on the website) and click on ‘Link with Roku’.

  • There will be a link that will take you to website to sign in, or if you’re already signed in, to the ‘Add Channel’ page. If you are asked for a code to add the private channel on, the code is aereo.

  • Click the ‘Yes, Add Channel’ button.

  • Once added, locate the Aereo channel on the home screen of your Roku.

  • When you select the Aereo channel for the first time, a unique code will appear on your TV screen, as shown in the example:

  • Next go to the Link with Roku menu in under Settings and enter your unique code from your Aereo Roku channel (in the image above it is 2HSVE but for you it will be different) to link your Roku to your Aereo account.

  • When linked, your Roku connected TV should change to the main menu page so you can watch your favorite programs.
  • Once at the main menu page you may choose to view the guide, your recordings, the search menu, settings menu, the about section, and two-screens mode, which will allow you to use a secondary device (iPad, iPhone or computer) as your remote control.