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What devices and browsers can I use Aereo on?

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2014 01:01PM EDT
Aereo enables you to access live broadcast television over the internet. You can see a list of supported devices here.

We currently support the following:
Desktop Browsers (Mac and PC)
Firefox 11.0 or higher
Chrome latest version
Safari 5.0 or higher
Opera 12.0 or higher
Internet Explorer 9 or higher
IOS Devices
iPhone iOS 6 or higher
iPod Touch iOS 6 or higher
iPad IOS 6 or higher
TV-Connected Devices
AppleTV (via Airplay from a compatible device)
Roku (with firmware 5.1 or higher)

Most 4.1 or better devices (see details) 
Don’t see your device on the list? We’re working to roll out additional support. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @Aereo or at our blog: